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R&D Director

Discussed personally
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Suzhou- -
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Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
No limit
Education background:
35 to 45
No limit
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2018/11/14 11:23
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Job responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for sending and receiving of all the physical inventory and system documents;
2. Manage inventory and ensure asset safety;
3. Periodically take inventory and check with the immediate inventory of the system. If there is a difference, find out and take some corresponding action in time;
4. Regularly confirm, approve and dispose of scrapped materials;
5. Confirm safety stock of the inventory, to ensure normal production, sales and temporary additional order demand;
6. Do production technical operation in workshop, participate in production of equipment and consumables;
7. Assist the R&D engineer to complete the production of samples.
1. Having college degree or above, electronic related major;
2. Be able to effectively make statistics on all kinds of data and coordinate the management of warehouse;
3. Be strong sense of responsibility, careful enough to keep all the warehouse property properly;
4. Be able to do PCB component welding and the person who has been engaged in equipment assembly for more than 1 year is preferred.
Weekend double, paid annual leave, equity incentive, five social insurance and one housing fund, annual travel, annual physical examination, commercial insurance, holiday welfare, communication subsidy, etc.
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