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Etta Biotech is a professional electroporator manufacturer with advanced technology located in Suzhou, China. It was funded by 12 experts in multiple subjects and fields, including 6 doctors, 2 national '1000-plan' experts and 4 top-university professors. Etta Biotech owns intellectual property in electroporation technology consisting of 20 invention patents, 15 utility model patents and 3 PCT that have been applied for US and EU patents.
Etta Biotech is the first manufacturer of high efficiency electroporator in China. The flow electroporator X-Porator F1 and M1 that Etta Biotech plans to launch in Sep. 2018, can treat up to 250ml cell solution or 3×1010 cells with satisfactory efficiency and cell viability. These products would meet the needs for electroporation equipment in scientific research, cell immunotherapy of cancer and antibody drug R&D and production, and help in the fight against cancer to save lives.