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Come, follow CCTV to review Dai Xiaobing’s entrepreneurial journey and understand his vision and feelings

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2021/06/04 10:11
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The development of a high-efficiency and high-throughput electrotransfection equipment to help cancer treatment, is the moral responsibility of Dr. Dai Xiaobing and Etta Biotech team led by him, so that more cancer patients can receive effective treatment.
The road to entrepreneurship is arduous and tortuous. How does Dr. Dai Xiaobing lead the team to break through the dilemma, usher in a bright future, and stand in the C position in the global industry?
Dr. Dai Xiaobing, Chairman and CEO of Etta Biotech, shared his entrepreneurial journey, his vision and feelings in the special program "Entrepreneurship" on the CCTV Finance Channel "Entrepreneurship Heroes" on the evening of March 5.